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Fat Tire


1. Customer Configuration Preferences:

a. Power (Watt): Offer different motor power options, typically ranging from 500W to 1000W

b. Battery Capacity: Provide various battery capacity choices (e.g., 10Ah to 20Ah) to meet the customer's desired range and usage.

c. Options: Include features such as multiple riding modes , LED lighting systems, digital display screens, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

2. Additional Bike Designs:

a. Advertisement Board: Integrate an advertisement board onto the bike, potentially with interchangeable panels for customizable advertisements.

b. Felixed Rear Rack: Add a curved rear rack design for convenient transportation of luggage, shopping bags, or other items.

c. Different Sizes: Offer frames in various sizes to accommodate riders of different heights and body types.


3. Other Considerations:

a. Color and Patterns: Provide a range of color options and patterns to meet the aesthetic preferences of the customer.

By offering personalized configurations and design options, you can ensure that the Fat tire beach cruiser electric bike meets the specific needs of the customer, enhancing its appeal and competitiveness in the market. Communicate with customers to understand their priorities and expectations, allowing you to deliver a product tailored to their requirements.

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